Rationale — Part III

The Whys and Wherefores

So what exactly am I doing with all this?  Why post anything at all about Minimalism and Taoism if the best I can offer to readers is that I’m not an expert in either subject, and may never be able to offer meaningful advice? What’s my angle?

Quite simply:

  • I want some degree of accountability. If I publish my thoughts and intentions, it’ll be harder for me to back out of my goals without having a good reason for doing so. I don’t want to backpedal on my commitments to myself solely because I am lacking in accountability;
  • I used to write on a near-daily basis and have since fallen out of the habit due to disillusionment with the whole process.  I want to stretch those muscles again and reclaim the motivation to write fiction again after being beaten into the ground by several “peers” who were little more than writing trolls (much like comment trolls, whose main focus is not to add to a conversation, but to derail it).  I want to make writing an important element of my life once again and this site will help me get back into the flow;
  • If, by sharing the process of these kinds of changes compels someone to make better choices (or avoid making the same mistakes I am bound to make) – – even one person – – the exercise of sharing my experiences will be worth it;  and
  • Writing about these things helps me to meditate and gain insight both prior to making a choice and after.

There’s no hidden agenda, no money-making schemes, no intention of presenting anything found herein as expert advice…  I’m just some dude hell-bent on making changes that he’s always thought might be Very Good Things to Do (if only he could “find the time”).  I have several times in the past published online serialized fiction with similar motivations — to keep myself writing and to encourage people to write fiction NOW instead of writing that novel “one of these days” 1.  In similar fashion, I am keeping focused on making changes I believe will result in a more meaningful life for myself, and hope it motivates others to take inventory of their own lives in order to make the changes they need to in order to find the same.

Looking Forward

I’m just beginning with developing these changes in my life, so an end goal seems vague and not quite attainable at the moment.  This weekend, I intend to make a good faith effort in decluttering at least a few areas of the house in addition to my normal household chores, but anything beyond this weekend seems scary as hell.  More than a few times a day I ask myself if I am really willing to get rid of my “shit” (turning “My Stuff, Your Shit” a la Carlin on its head); if, given all the stresses of having infant twins, is really all that wise of an idea to work on being compassionate and patient at this time; if my family going to think I’ve “lost it” as we dig into the real meat of letting go and culturing acceptance and etcetera…  a thousand times a day, I doubt myself.

But I then remind myself that giving up and just going on with life like I’ve always done isn’t really an option.  The status quo may continue to work for some time, but it’s not making me happy — nor will it ever.  And seeing that happiness (or at least contentment) is one of my goals, making changes is imperative to realizing that goal.

And so I blaze a new trail, uncertain of what I’ll find — but telling myself to enjoy the journey all the same instead of fretting over the details.

  1. Most of that serialized fiction was written during annual  NaNoWriMos, a challenge made by writers to other writers to pen 50,000-word novels entirely in the month of November each year.  This kind of compressed time-frame does not allow for extensive editing prior to publication if you are going to meet the goal of about 1,700 words/day.  Some of my visitors looked at the very rough drafts and were compelled to write just because “that hack” (meaning me) was doing it and they could obviously do better.  If the same thing occurs because I write about cultivating Tao and Minimalism in my life, I will be pleased with the result. 

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