Here are a few sites I like to read on a regular basis, sites that inspire me in one way or another.  After years of blogs with different themes, I’ve grown used to not having a sidebar blogroll. After a particularly weird period where I apparently insulted a large group of bloggers by culling my blogroll to something less than 15 of the most active and fulfilling links, I began to reject link-sharing for SEO purposes altogether and now only post links I feel will be of the most use to visitors. If I share your site here, don’t feel like you must return the favor unless you truly feel like doing so for reasons other than “spreading the love”.  As the site grows, more links will be added.

Minimalist Blogs

The Minimalists

Becoming Minimalist


Personal Improvement Blogs/Sites

Zen Habits – Leo’s site could easily be categorized as a minimalist-type site as well.


Taoism-related Sites

Derek Lin’s

Brian Browne Walker



Neil Gaiman’s Journal – I admire Neil not only for his writing, but also for his attitude and generosity.





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